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In China, the importance of eDiscovery in legal proceedings is increasingly prominent, and it is gradually being recognized by people from all walks of life. In some countries, including the United States and the United Kingdom, eDiscovery (电子文件披露) is the enforcement segment of litigation process, it includes the retrieval of relevant electronic documents and the generation of electronic evidence. Although China has not requested the execution of this program, in response from regulators increasingly strict censorship, the demand of companies and law firms for the electronic discovery (eDiscovery) technology services increased significantly.

In addition, enterprises and law firms in China also seeks to electronic discovery (eDiscovery) technology to conduct an internal audit, the implementation of strict compliance procedures, so as to find the internal misconduct, such as bribery, anti competitive behavior. Faced with the growing amount of information, companies seeking to electronic discovery (eDiscovery) experts to assist in the management of electronic evidence, but also with this cutting-edge technology to reduce the cost information processing in litigation cost.

In China, in the process of data processing, first of all, must strictly abide by Law of people's Republic of China on Guarding State Secrets, the regulations provides that data must be processed within the territory of china. Companies often need to deal with data in the company's office space for confidentiality considerations. Therefore, the electronic discovery (eDiscovery) technology is particularly important in this case, it can meet the customers' requirements to process data both in China and the location of the company

"Today, the eDiscovery has become an important part of the coportation business and corporate governance process, that is also the same as those contries even if the law has not yet requested the implementation of this program. Many of these countries, including China and Singapore, the rapid increase in the demand for electronic discovery, the driving factor is increasingly stringent regulatory review, information transparency and compliance requirements."

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