ChinaEdiscovery (CED) is a professional eDiscovery Service Provider & Advisory Company, committed to providing customers with accurate, efficient and reliable long-term service

We have an experienced team of experts to escort your project.

Our professional team has repeatedly travel in North America, Europe and Asia to help peer companies to solve difficult technical problems. Our technical staff went to London in 2013 to cooperate with a peer company to provide technical assistance for an important case. In 2014, our company team was commissioned by a North American company to carry out professional training for the staff of its subsidiary companies in India. Our professional team not only was acclaimed in the global industry, but also do not forget to real-time to enhance their technical level at the same time of working, through a series of training courses, CED's staffs managed to learn and use multiple eDiscovery tools such as FTK Imager, Nuix, IPRO etc. Our professional team provides customers with professional solutions and services through years of accumulated experience and skills.

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Our Services

We uphold the attitude of providing customers with accurate, efficient and reliable service, from litigation readiness consulting, data collection and forensics to processing, document prioritization, managed review and hosting, CED uses a streamlined, court-defensible process. With smart, value-driven solutions, technology options, and knowledgeable, worldwide support, CED is the reliable eDiscovery partner. CED offers a wide range of complementary process and technology solutions that help organizations achieve cost savings, improve service and reduce risk.

Forensics and Collection

For projects small or large, simple or complex, CED executes a secure and defensible collection, providing a solid foundation for the rest of your matter. Our experienced consultants assess the situation to determine the most efficient process, deliver rigorous documentation and back up all work with affidavits and court testimony when required.

  • CED used proven software applications and methodologies, CED designs a practical and defensible plan and recovers information that is hidden, deleted, disguised or stored on damaged media.
  • CED is committed to building a global integration of services, we can not only provide evidence collection services for local customers, but also to provide services to the needs of overseas customers.


Accurately assess, capture and process all relevant information quickly to gain advantage early in a case. CED delivers the most powerful data processing in the industry. Excavating deep into data files, CED fully extracts metadata, text, embedded objects and domains, so you don’t miss information critical to your matter.

With the constant evolution of file types, our software engineers strengthen CED continually to handle a wide range of diverse data formats, including Lotus Notes, Bloomberg data, Unix Mail, Chat, WIKI, SharePoint and video files, as well as those that are just emerging.

With CED, everything is processed faster and with less chance for error. And, since CED uses the native application interfaces to analyze, extract and load data, everything you load into it remains in a format you can recognize and review online instantly. No need to adjust. No time-consuming TIFF and PDF conversions.

Alternatively, CED can process data using any of our certified partner technologies or using any tool you are already using, from filtering and deduplication to concept searching. We help our clients choose the data processing solutions that are right for each case.

Document Prioritization and Culling

CED’s new intelligent prioritization technology rates and prioritizes documents by responsiveness - before review even begins. Attorneys can now review the most responsive documents first, which means you can:

Prioritize Your Review

  • Make decisions on strategy earlier
  • Meet challenging deadlines
  • Reduce time and money spent reviewing documents inconsequential to a case

Culling Documents

  • An expert on the case teaches the prioritization technology to identify those documents as responsive or non-responsive.
  • After learning from the expert, the technology assesses and ranks the responsiveness of every document in the entire data set
  • The most responsive documents are prioritized to the front of the review queue
  • Non-responsive documents are sent to the back of the review queue and remain available if you choose to evaluate them

Document Review

Directly Reduce eDiscovery Document Review Costs with Expert Services

The most expensive part of a discovery project, document review, accounts for 60% - 85% of all costs. CED’s expert services and document review solutions may directly reduce review costs with customized services that are highly efficient for greater defensibility.

In addition to managed review, CED’s expert services team offers a wide range of complementary process and technology solutions that help you achieve cost savings, improve service, and reduce risk.

Customizable eDiscovery Review for Greater Defensibility

Each project has its own theme, goals and objectives. CED will work with your legal team to design a defensible discovery process that fits the needs of your case – from records and information management and legal hold all the way through document review and trial support.

Hosted Repositories

CED Systems offers clients a data repository, organizing a company’s documents in an easily accessible database for future reuse. With a corporate repository, clients can:

  • Process data once and reuse it again in multiple matters
  • Save attorney work product, eliminating redundant document review for similar or recurring matters
  • Achieve greater consistency across matters, regardless of how many outside counsel require access to data

Advisory and Client Service

On average, CED consultants have more than 5 years of experience in managing large eDiscovery projects, our distinguished client services team successfully implements technology-driven processes that deliver measurable time and cost-saving efficiencies.

Our team provides valuable insights on data reduction, early case assessment and document review strategies that improve productivity and accuracy, while reducing expenses. With experts located around the world, we are uniquely able to assist clients in handling complex multinational matters.

We roll up ourselves to help you successfully execute your discovery plan and continue to address any issues that arise throughout the process. At the conclusion of your matter, we provide a project evaluation, identifying areas where a different approach could save you additional time and money, should you be involved in a similar case going forward.

Technology Platform

We rely on strong professional skills and advanced processing process, greatly saving the cost of customers, improve the efficiency of the handling of a case for the customer. We use our own technology and at the same time we are also good at the use of third party software, integrated customer needs, tailored for the customer to create the most suitable solutions for cases and information processing management platform. Customers can manage all kinds of cases through platform of our own design or independent choice, to meet customer needs at any time. The technical solutions we provided are in the industry leading position in the country and have more obvious advantage. To provide customers with accurate, efficient and reliable technical support is our consistent aim.

About CED

CED was established in 2011, is the earliest Professional Forensic Technology and Advisory Service Company engaged in Electronic Discovery (e-Discovery).

ChinaeDiscovery Information Technology Co. uphold the attitude of providing customers with accurate, efficient and reliable service, in the field of e-discovery we are committed to the technical services of computer forensics, electronic information identification, storage, collection, processing, analysis and results generation, and provide customers with professional consulting services.

With our deep and exquisite professional knowledge and skills, we accumulated rich experience through sincere cooperation with many domestic and foreign well-known enterprises over the years, and combined with the domestic laws and regulations, researched and developed the process of electronic evidence discovery that adapt to Chinese law and national conditions, and become the first domestic leading forensic and technical consulting service providers.

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